Thursday, December 15, 2005

Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake!

Can believe that we actually went to see the Russian State Ballet performing Swan Lake, I always wanted to see a Ballet. It was more than I expected, very moving and romantic. I never realised before how much skills and talents is involved in Ballet. You would think that they have strings attached to them or springs on their feet 'cos they jumped and moved so greatfully, as if they weight nothing. Very impressed. Teddy has really changed his opinions on ballet dancers.

We had great seat, second rows from the front. It was a full house. Something we won't forget!

Here are some pictures:

Russian State Ballet - Swan Lake

"The Russian State Ballet, one of Europe's great Ballet Companies returns to Ireland this Christmas when they will perform two of the world's most popular ballets, Swan Lake and The Nutcracker at the Point Theatre, Dublin from the 15 to 18 December 2005.

The Russian State Ballet, together with the RTE National Symphony Orchestra will perform Swan Lake on 15 and 16 December. Previous performances by the Russian State Ballet of Swan lake have been described as `The stuff that dream are made of' and as `marvellous and magical production' - The Sunday Tribune. The company will then perform one of the worlds favourite Ballet's, The Nutcracker at the Point Theatre, Dublin on 17 and 18 December 2005. Previous performances of The Nutcracker have heralded praise such as 'The Nutcracker strikes a magical chord' - The Irish Independent and `The definitive Nutcracker' - The Irish Times, making these shows the perfect Christmas outing for family, friends, or business colleagues. "

Extracted from :

Teddy is bringing me to see the Russian State Ballet - Swan Lake tonight at the Point Theatre. Since Suki and Vivian are taking ballet lessons so Mei is bringing them as well. We gonna have to drop Éimhear to her nana tonight so I better get things ready now...!!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Time to put up my feet and relax...!!

Reindeer "Thank God", everything is done and the house is spotless clean and we finally put up the icecicle light on the gutter last night. Teddy and I was argueing over something stupid last night and we couldn't possibly remembered whether this is the 3rd or the 4th Christmas in the house!! Teddy was right, this is our 4th christmas together and is the 2nd Christmas for Éimhear!!

Éimhear has been very good since we have the Christmas tree up and she loves the lights in the house. There are 3 reindeers in the garden and she keeps pointing at them and says"liang liang (nice nice),靓靓!" (she speaks Cantonese as well as English!)

When I was cleaning the house today, she was following me around and I had to bath her after I cleaned the 2 toilets and the bathroom as her sleeves were ringing wet since she put her hands over the shower head when I rinse the bath. It was very funny..!!

Here are some pictures of the house!!


Tuesday, December 06, 2005


We're finally finished and just getting back now. Yes, it did take us longer than expected. We're knackered now but it was worth it as they turned out really well and the kids loved it!

Christmas Decorations!

Went to the wholesalers last night with Ted and Mei..!! Bought some outdoor decorations. Ted gonna put those outdoor decorations up tonight when he comes home from work! I hope!

Busy day ahead for me today as gonna go to Mei's and help her put all her decorations up. My nephew and nieces are so excited as they promise to help us too...!! Hope it doesn't take us too long................!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Baby's 1st scan!

Just came back from the cinema, went to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire then picked up Éimhear from Mei, she was still up when we arrived which was 10:30pm.

Teddy took a half day today as he came with me to the hospital for an early pregnancy scan due to me collapsing on Saturday with a severe stomach pain. The nurse sent me in for another scan today just to make sure everything is alright and I'm not having an Ectopic pregnancy. Thank God! Can't believe we saw the baby's heartbeat thru the scan at 2 months and yet he/she is only 1.4cm (normally, you only get the 1st scan at about 4 months)! Everything is as what we planned, we are thrilled!! It's still an early stage though (Fingers crossed)!

Ever since Éimhear took her few steps, you hardly get her to sit in the pram now. Like today, I had to take her out and let her walk around in the shop. Of course, I kept an eye on her. She was so cute and funny, everytime she saw a baby, she would
run up to him/her to give the baby a kiss and a hug. I didn't really know how I should react, should I stop her before she runs or encourage her to give the baby a kiss or a hug!

Monday, November 21, 2005

A glimpse at the planets!

Ever since Éimhear got the MMR injection, she has not been herself at all. She lost her appetite and she was so clingy, wanted you to lift her up and down the whole time!! Thank god she is better now...!!

Finally got all the presents that we need to give away for Christmas, spent the whole day wrapping them up yesterday. I still haven't got Ted's presents as I don't really know what to get him...!! As for myself, I have everything I need. To make things easier we would give hints to each other so that we won't have to wrack our head to figure out what we both want!

Ted set up his giant telescope last night in the garden for a glimpse of Mars, Venus and the Moon. Éimhear sat on the bench and taking everything in and pointed at the sky and shouted "!" We let her have a glimpse thru the telescope, did she see the planet Mars? that is another story!!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Metting with an old friend...!!

Met an old friend, my god brother today. He came up from Thurles, I met him in the city. We went for a quick coffee as he had to go to a Chinese function and I had to go home to take care my hubby and daughter. We hadn't seen each other for over ten years, (we had seen photographs of each other though over the year so we knew what we looked like) so there were so many things to talk about and so little time. Sure there will be some other time to catch up!

"Thanks for the Mocha, bro!"

Teddy's hospital visit!

Early start this morning, getting Ted and Éimhear ready so we can beat the traffic. Forgot school holiday, so got there an hour earlier!I wasn't waiting too long and Teddy was called it to do his test. But when he went through, it would be another 2 hours for the test to be done.The test was Endoscopy(Camera Test).

Was called to pick him up but when I arrived I was send in the the recovery room but Teddy was knocked out again, the nurse said that when he woke up initialy, he was vomitting everywhere so they has to give him another injection. Just as well Éimhear was as sleep in the pram too! It would be another hour before he would finally come through, and when he came through he still felling sick and groggy all the way home! Drove home still doozy (i.e. Drunk) with his face in a blue plastic bag and it cost me 15 cent gov tax. And all Ted kept saying is "I'm sorry....!" I was like "Will you bloody shut up, feck sake, I'm try to drive" At the back Éimhear kept saying "Dad..dy, Dad....dy......"!!

Now finally he's a bit better and try to sleep it off.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

Got the last bit and pieces done in the house last night and took a picture of it. Éimhear is not one bit scares of the Spider and Skeleton, she sat on the floor and clapping her hands all night to get the Spider moving, haa!

Gonna go down to my in-law's tonight with my nieces and nephew and of course with Éimhear as well. They are going to dress up as Cinderella, Belle, Withches and Dartvader. Will take some pictures since this is the 1st time my nieces Rachel and Angel celebrate their 1st Halloween!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Bye Mum and See You Next Year!!

Dropped mummy off to the airport this evening. It was quite hard to leave mummy there on her own, we gave mummy a hug and kiss to say good bye it's hard to hold back the tears at the same time!! I think she is now on the flight to K.L. now and she probably fast asleep and start to snore, ha...!!

At least we gonna see mummy and daddy in about 3 months time and we already booked our ticket to Rome and Paris with them. It's gonna be their 1st Europe tour apart from Ireland! Really can't wait!

Saturday, October 22, 2005


I was so looking forward to get the newspaper today! The minute I looked at the paper, my face just dropped as Éimhear is not in the runner up of "Heinz Little Treasures 2005". I spent ages to try to get out of the mood, thanks Ted who cheered me up and telling me that Éimhear is actually one of the 40 cutest babies in Leinster! He is right, I shouldn't be upset over it.

Went to phoenix Park today with Ted, Éimhear, mummy, Amanda and Jane today. I always complaint about how cold and miserable the Autumn weather could be but surprisingly today was very mild and I actually enjoyed the whole evening.

Éimhear was walking on the grass for the 1st time, she was very nervous though! We brought some breads with us to feed the ducks, but Éimhear ended up finished them instead, so funny! She is at the stage of copying everything off you, like crossed your arm, thumbs up or tried to sing "Twinkle, twinkle little star...".

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Éimhear First Few Steps!

We have been anxiously waiting for Éimhear to take her very first step!She did it eventually! She loves to be able to walk around with her cousins and run around with them...!! I was so excited eventhough she only did like 5 steps at a time...!! Need to encourage her more to move a few more steps when she is ready to have another go the next time!

Typical the one time he goes out he missed her first few steps but at least he's seen her first step the night before! Luckily I have this precious moment recorded for him!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Heinz Little Treasures 2005!

I was shock when my sister in law rang us and told us that Éimhear and her cousin Fintan 302 are in the first week of the contest of Heinz Little Treasures 2005 ! Ted keeps saying nobody gonna recognise her at all! But surprisingly all his collegues and friends were ringing and said that they had "Voted for 309, Good Luck!"

I would like to thank those who voted for Éimhear "Thanks a Million!"

"Each Saturday right up to the 15th Oct 2005, we will publish a selection of baby photos from all around the country from the entries received in our Heins Lettle Treasures 2005 competition! Each week you will be invited to vote for your favourite babies and at the end of four weeks of voting your votes will decide which babies emerge as the top 5 babies from each of Ulster, Leinster and Connacht. We will then ask the Nation to vote again and these 20 babies will compete for the 4 provincial titles with one of these provincial winners going on to become the National winner of Heins Lettle Treasure 2005 and scoop am amazing €10,000."

Don't miss next Saturday's weekend Magazine for more Little Treasures!!

To vote for your favourite photo, call
1513 131 057 (calling frim Republic of Ireland)
0901 6567 057 (calling from Nothern Ireland)
(Lines open until 12 midnight on Thursday 29th Sept 2005)

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Home Sweet Home!

Have been busy unpacked my luggages, the weather wasn't too bad at all for the past few days. I'm glad to be home eventhough Éimhear still hasn't got used to the quietness in the house since there were some many kids in my mum's house! Hopefully she get used to it before daddy returns to work!!

Recalled the day at the KLIA airport, you're not gonna believe what happened to us! Well, we arrived at the aiport at about 4pm and our flight wasn't due to take off until 11:55pm! Luckily we got to check in there and then. There we were at one of the check in area, which was the MAS airline. The staff was busying checking our tickets and passports while mum and I were lifting the baggages on to the bell! We didn't pay any attentions to the weight scale at all. The staff, who is a Malay national was saying to me "your baggages is 7kg over! What do you want to do?" (in Mandarin, what a shock!) We kinda barging with him and asked him not to charge us since we have 130kg between the 5 of us and we have 3 kids to look after....!! I think he fecking made a quick one on us "If I let you away with it, you have to get me a 012's top up card, which is RM 100!" Mum and I were like to each other "What the hell, is he trying to bribe" I looked at the weight scale and noticed that there were only 122.35kg but they had one of the over sized baggage on the other bell, which was about 33kg. So if we add them up, it's about 155kg. Why did he said we were 7kg over weighted? Shouldn't it be 22kg over weighted? That confused me...!! After spent about 15mins on barging he did let us go without charging us but he was in a mood or wasn't happy about it. We had to drop the over sized baggage to the other side. On the way back I had a look at my tickets and boarding passes, reliazed he didn't give us any of the boarding passes from Amsterdam to Dublin. I had to go up to him "Sorry, you didn't give me ours boarding passes from Amsterdam to Dublin!" He replies "The system won't let me to it!" So I said "They normally let us check in eventhough we have to transit from other destination!" There he was again mentioning the fecking call card. At this point I have to get it otherwise we won't make it on time to the flight at Amsterdam airport! I spent 15mins looking for the bloody phone shop, got it in the book shop in the end. He fecking call me over from a distant and saying "Oh, the system let me do the check in for the transit flight!" "Here you go, 5 boarding passes from AMS - DUB!" "Can I have those boarding passes from KUL - AMS back for a sec?" He gave me a signal to ask me to put the call card in the baording passes! I felt awkward in that situation and thought why did he picked on me? I should have took his name down....!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Au Revoir M'sia!

A few more hours we gonna head off to KLIA. Our flight won't be taking off until midnight but we have decided to leave as early as possible since my dad gonna be driving home on his own.

I've been putting stuff into my luggage for the past few days, to date I still have lots to put in. I think I need a bigger luggage..!! Hope I'm not gonna get stop for over weighted!

Really can't wait to get home. My brother and sister-in law have a baby girl on Saturday! A healthy 8lb 1oz baby, Congratulation to them!!

Gonna have to get going...!! Ta ta....!!!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Éimhear 1st Pic with Na na & Ga ga!!

It's 11pm, just arrived home from Ipoh! Went to Jusco tonight with Mum and Dad for the 1st time! Peaceful night as the kids didn't come with us and I was able to get whatever I was looking for! Daddy had suggested to have dinner at Ipoh Club! I have never been there before so I was so looking forward to my lovely Lamb Chop!!

When we arrived there, it was about 8pm and suprisingly nobody there. I was afraid Éimhear gonna screams in any second. There were a live band on at 9pm. Éimhear was singing and dancing and when the band finished singing, she clapped away! She was very good through out the night! We ordered Oxtail soup and seafood cocktail for starter and followed by Lamb chop and T-bone steak! They were so delicious "finger licking"! Had a few beers and I kinda dizzy as haven't been ready drinking since I left Dublin! Shame...!

Took a picture of Éimhear with her Na na and her Ga ga for the 1st time, it came out really well!! Daddy said tonight was Éimhear's happiest night out since she arrived!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Éimhear's 1st Durian!

Woke up this morning mum already gone to the market, she came back with 5 durians. I'm lucky because the season is ended! I was so looking forward to them, they are not for me, they are actually for Éimhear! Cooked the dinner and finished tidying up, bathed Éimhear. It's time for the 1st taste....!!

As you can see in the picture, she loves it! Unlike her dad, Ted always call it "stink durian"! Éimhear had a few, and I had the rest! Last time I had durian I think it was 4yrs ago...!! God, they were so delicious. I have kept a fews in the fridge, might have it tonight!

Had to change Éimhear's clothes as I let her held those durian herself! She enjoyed it very much!

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Trip to the Pasar Malam!

Went to the dentist the other day, thought of getting my teeth filling while I'm here since it's much more cheaper compares to the price in Dublin, which is 80 Euro/filling !I was shock as I don't need any filling in the end!! Well, tell you the truth, they don't have the updated x-ray facility, they won't be able to tell even if I need a filling unless I tell them which tooth is killing me or sensitive!!

Was in the Pasar Malam (Night Market) tonight with Éimhear, my nieces and my nephew! They were having something to eat at the kinda Steamboat stall, while I was waiting I cooked a stick of 4 fishballs for Éimhear. She had a piece of steam bread afterward! Animal, she is!!
I was so looking forward for tonight as I would like to get the Mee Goreng. Unfortunately, the stall is not there anymore!! :-(

Have to get up early in the morning. I'm going to cook my mum the Hai Nan Chicken Rice. I haven't been really cooking for my parents since I was here. What a daughter I'm!!

Just received a msg from my darling hubby, he rang my dentist for me to ask them for my file. Thank god, they are alright with faxing over the file. I can get my teeth done here!! Save me money...!!

Thanks a million to my loving hubby!! I Love You!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Baby Nephew!!

Lots of nurses were around Éimhear when we went into the hospital !!They were all asking the same question "Is she from Cameron Highland?" Apparently, peoples from Cameron Highland have lovely skin!! Michelle is in room 5. Heard that she didn't get any pain relief at all! She wanted the injection herself but the doctor said it's too late as she's fully dilated. It's scary...!! My baby nephew weight 7lb 5oz and he has fairly dark skin!! Cute little one!

We left the hospital at 6:30pm. On the way to the car park, there was a car passing by and they stopped in front of us. The indian lady was saying "God, she is so cute", "One only?"!! I knotted my head. Well, I think people might be thinking since Éimhear is so cute, her brothers or sisters gonna be the same!! Have to wait and see!!

Went to the Acrobatic Stunts Performance last night with Éimhear, my nieces and nephews!! The show was great and Éimhear enjoyed it very much as she was clapping her hand and dancing in her pram!!

Hectic morning!!

Was talking to my dearest husband till 4am this morning. Got up at 7am, I'm knacker as I had only 3 hrs sleep!! :-(

Went to dim sum with my parents and my nephew Kah Jun. We have to look after him for a few days as his mother went in to labour this morning! Gonna pay a visit to the hospital later!!

Kah Jun was screaming his head off to go for a nap! I think Michelle normally go to bed with him so he needs his mum by his side!! We spent half an hour to convince him that when he wakes up later, he will see his parents!!He cried himself to sleep...!! Poor thing! Thank god, Éimhear goes to bed herself 'cause we trained her when she was only 4 months old, never wanted us to stay by her side at all!

It's gonna be a busy week ahead, I think I should go for a nap the same time Éimhear goes!! Power nap is good!!

Monday, August 22, 2005

Arrived Home!!

I'm so proud of myself that I did it all on my own!! From Dublin airport to Amsterdam then transited to Malaysia! I'm glad that I'm home but the leaving was sad. I was crying every time I think of Ted and I wanted him to come with us so badly, but well, there will be a next time!! The air hostess was very helpful and every time there was the bump sure she came to me first and fasten Éimhear seat bell for me!! But she forgot about my baby bassinet and Éimhear ended up slept on my shoulder for as long as 2 hours!! Poor me....!! It was a tiring but enjoyable flight, I should say!!

The minute I got in the car, we drove all the way to Kampar as there was a function held at 6pm. My mum couldn't believe how much I fed Éimhear, basically she ate everything that night, especially the shark fin soup... Ummmm....Yummy!! We never got home till 12am!! Thank god Éimhear slept through the night and I had a good night sleep too!!

Went to the market this morning with mum and my niece and nephew!! Guess what Éimhear was pointing at in the market? She pointed at those chicken that are locked in the cage. I took some video to show her lovely daddy. The funniest thing was wherever I go, sure there will be someone saying "God, look at that baby, she is so cute!" or "God, her eyes are so big!" or "She looks like a western baby!". I like those compliments....Hahaa!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Ticket Arrived!

Woke up this morning and was wondering when will my ticket be arrived since time is ticking and today is already Wednesday!! The postman was at the door when I was about to give the travel agent a call!! I flew downstair and there it was an evelope written TravelPath on the floor waiting for me...!! Ticket for me and a ticket for Éimhear!! Thank God, what a relief!!

Monday, August 15, 2005

M'sia, here I come!!

Finally bought the ticket to M'sia, leaving Dublin on Saturday! I'm looking forward to the trip but on the other hand, I'm kinda sad leaving Ted behind...!! I know we gonna miss him big time and vice versa!
Have to start to pack my luggage soon, have to write things down as I would probably forgot them. Hmmm, am I gonna manage it by myself? I think it should be alright 'cos I presume Éimhear gonna sleep through the whole flight as the plan take off at 9pm! Can't be worrying too much...!! Or else will have grey hair over night!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Lazy Saturday!

Was talking to my parents yesterday in msn. Knowing that the Haze moved to north and my niece and nephews are all sick because of it!! Air pollutant index is about 94 in the area, which is moderate...!!Hope it clears up soon!!(Fingers crossed)
Well, I better check on the flight ASAP as I haven't decided when I should leave to go home to M'sia with Éimhear, either in the end of August or October!! It's all depends on the availability of the flight since my mum and my nieces are coming home with me in September if I did go in the next few weeks!!
Went to town this morning with Ted and Éimhear. Came home and just not in the mood in doing anything else. Rent a movie, bought a case of WKD and stay in for the night...!!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice cream!

I was bored in the house, so brought Éimhear and my sis in law Amanda to the shopping centre just up the road!!
After we finished the shopping, we stopped at the ice cream stall and ordered a 99 cone for Amanda, an empty cone for Éimhear and mint choc chip ice cream for myself!!I didn't know how I managed to have the ice cream as I had 2 bag of nappies in my left hand and my right hand was on the pram!! 'Hmm, it's delicious.' I said. You will never guess, by the time I was about to take another bite, the fecking ice cream fell and landed on Éimhear head!!Typical, why landed on her head, not the bloody floor instead? It was hilarious though, Éimhear turned around and looked at me as if she was saying 'What the hell...'! Her expression was so funny...!! I had to bring her to the toilet and got her cleaned!! I should have took a picture of her, I hadn't got the camera with me though!! I am still laughing at the incident!!
How the hell did it happen...!!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Had Great fun!!

I can't believed how well the party went today!! I was stressed out in the morning as I only started the cooking at 10am! Went to collect the cake at 12pm due to the fact that the shops are open late on bank holiday!! (I should have got up earlier!)
Time was ticking and it was getting late as Éimhear was born on 1:55pm last year!!So had to wake Éimhear up from her nap, bathed her and dressed her up in the fairy dress!! She was so cute in it!! Thank god, we made it on time!! Took some pictures and video!!
Party started at 3pm!! We had a game of Water Balloons in the garden, poor Éimhear waw soaking as Liam(Ted's uncle) tried to throw the balloon upstairs and missed the target, landed on her instead!!She got a fright, poor thing!! The bouncy castle was great too!!
The party over at 9pm and Éimhear never went to bed till 11pm!! She must have enjoyed herself!!

Monday, August 01, 2005

Happy Birthday to my loving daughter Éimhear YiWen!!

Just finished wrapping Éimhear presents and put up all the decorations!! Took some pictures and can't wait to see Éimhear's reaction in the morning! I know you guys are going to say "She is only 1 and how she gonna knows what is going on!!" But the way we look at it is when years to come when she looks back she can see what we did for her and celebrate her 1st birthday with her!!We bought Éimhear her 1st car today, instead of putting the stickers that came with the car we put Winnie the Pooh stickers (Pimp my ride)!! It looks more girlier now...!! We are thrilled with the result!!I finally made the rice krispies cakes, there are about 106 of them laying on the table at the moment, I did some in my way, which I used butter, dark choc and golden syrup.....!! And half of them just mixed with carlbury milk choc...!! Which is better? Will know tomorrow as the kids can be so cruel sometimes that they will tell you the truth!! Well, I better go to bed and still have lots to do in the morning!!Nite nite!!

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Bloody weather!!

It's been raining none stop for the last few days and the weather seems to stay like this for the rest of the day!! Errrr....!!Summer is over? What will the weather be like on Monday?!!! I have to say a prayer!!
I didn't really want to get up this morning at all, I haven't recovered from the bloody cold....!! Blame the weather...!!! Gonna have to get the last bits and pieces for the party today and decorate the house tomorrow!! I can't wait to get on the bouncy castle tomorrow as it will be here 1st thing in the morning!!
Just received a phone call from Mei. She told me that my bro's son in M'sia needs an operation in his lung, god, poor him, he is only 18months!! Hey guys, let say a prayer for him....!! Thanks!!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Part Time Worker!!

Have to get up early since I'm going in to Ted's office to give him a hand with the jewellery stands that suppose to be sent out this weekend to the shops!! Not loads but 30 stands. Ted's boss expected me to finish 3 stands a day, I was like 'Yup, if I only have to do the de-bagged then hang them up. Not to de-bagged, PRICE THEM then hang them up...!!'. I will be lucky to get 2 stands done a day!! The boss asked me this favor as he thinks Chinese workers are better and quicker than Irish workers.
I have ordered the cake for Éimhear birthday, I wanted to order the Winnie the Pooh as we try to have a Winnie the Pooh theme, unfortunately, they haven't got any novelty kits in the Pooh. Had to order Snow white and seven Dwarfs instead!!I better go as I'm running late....!! Tata!!

Monday, July 25, 2005

Count Down....!!

Not feeling too good today when I got up!! I'm feeling weak, I think I have caught the flu yesterday!!Another 6 days to Éimhear 1st birthday!! The bouncy castle is booked and it's €100 per day. Bought Éimhear's party dress today, she gonna be a fairy and can't wait to see her in it!! Still have lots to get but time is ticking....!! I haven't ordered her birthday cake yet, have to do that 1st thing in the morning or else it gonna be too late if I want a special one....!! Ehmm, haven't figured out how to make the rice crispy cake yet!
My wonderful Ted brought Éimhear for a walk as I can have a break and go to bed early! Well, I better go now before his return!!

Friday, July 22, 2005

Night Mare!!

Mei came over to my house with my nieces tonight along with Ted present!! He was over the moon as Mei got him the samurai's sword set!! We were all chit-chatting about her holiday in Paris and how did it go and so on....!! Mei was asking me about Nicole incident, so she decided to give Nicole parents a ring!!
I was there when Mei was on the phone! I was so pissed off as the father put the blame on us by saying that Mei didn't tell him that she was away to Paris for a week, if he knew that he would have took the week off to mind Nicole !! Now he is back at work and he is sending Nicole to his relative instead?? It's understandable if the parents take Nicole home and look after her themselves, but why did they send her to someone else again? By doing that, they are kinda telling people that it was us who got Nicole into that state!! I'm so upset as I never expected my best friend said that behind my back! I was thinking, if we didn't care, we could have just hide it from them, send Nicole home to them the next day without letting them know what happened to her! But, that's not me.......!!

Welcome Home!!

Picked up my sister and bro-in-law at the airport!! When I first arrived at the airport this morning, I spent 15 mins looking for the space! When I found a space, I had to squeeze myself out from the car, then had to jump into the back seat to get Éimhear out, who was sitting in the front passenger seat!! Akward or what?!! How stupid is it, the fecking space didn't even fit a car!!
Guess what my dearest sister got me....!! An LV bag, unfortunately I didn't like the style. She was thrilled as she get to keep it!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Harry Potter!!

Went to late night shopping on Friday night at 11pm as the book ~ Harry Potter launched after 12am....!! Can you believe that we actually queued for the book instead of a concert or a pub or a disco? I was laughing myself as this was the 1st time ever I did that....!! I'm glad that we got the book though!!
Went to my sister's to keep an eye on her kids and the baby Nicole who she looks after as Sis and bro-in-law are having a romantic holiday in Paris!! I got a terrible fright as I found a lump on her tummy while changing her nappy!!God, she is only 8 months old !! I confirmed the lump with my sister-in-law and Ted. Ted got in touch with his mum, his mum said we better off bringing her to the hospital!! So I rang Nicole's mum, I told her what happened and asked her to take the night off, guess what her reply was:"It's very busy at the moment(restaurant), I'm afraid I can't get the night off!!", I was like:"What the hell, she is your F**king daughter!! Is money more important than her health??". Long story short, we picked the mother up and ran into the hospital!! We waited for nearly 4 hours and doctor said it is Hernia!! She's booked in for the operation next week!! Because of Nicole's incident, her father resigned, stay at home minding her instead of her mother!! Ted hates the idea of hiring a nanny to look after your own baby 24/7, he still think it's cruel not to mind your own baby!! Hope everything gonna be alright for Nicole!!

Thursday, July 14, 2005


Had a BBQ last night with my bro, sis-in-law, sis, 2 nieces, Ted and Éimhear!! It was great fun and really enjoyed the family gathering!! We were all pissed at the end of the night and thank god Éimhear was in bed!! Éimhear loved the foods and she even had a drumstick!! It was very messy though as she wanted to feed herself...!! I suppose it's a learning stage for her...!!
Ted was busy ringing his family to invite them for the trip to Albufeira again!! Most of them said "Yes"!! Guess what, even my sis decides to come along with us with her 3 kids!! It's gonna be a great fun....Hurray!!
Éimhear 1st birthday is getting closer and closer and yet we haven't got anything ready for her!! But one thing for sure that we are going to hire a bouncy castle for the day, have to shop around for Winnie the Pooh's castle though!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Spent a week in Albufeira with my family and in-laws!! Éimhear enjoyed her 1st holiday away, she was in the pool every single day and wouldn't let me take her out at all!! The minute I had the towel around my shoulder, she would automatically scream; as if she saw a "monster"!! Poor me...!!

We went to bull-fight one night and it wasn't what we were expected and what we saw on the TV!! I can't believe that children are allowed to see it too!! It was a long hours show and we were thrilled that the bull won at the end as "nature fight back" even though few peoples were injured. Thank god the bull wasn't killed after the show!!

We are so very depressed after returning home....!! May be it's because it was such a great holiday and it was the 1st time that Ted's whole family came along!

Can you believe we're already planning for our next holiday away in August to Albufeira again?!!