Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Heinz Little Treasures 2005!

I was shock when my sister in law rang us and told us that Éimhear and her cousin Fintan 302 are in the first week of the contest of Heinz Little Treasures 2005 ! Ted keeps saying nobody gonna recognise her at all! But surprisingly all his collegues and friends were ringing and said that they had "Voted for 309, Good Luck!"

I would like to thank those who voted for Éimhear "Thanks a Million!"

"Each Saturday right up to the 15th Oct 2005, we will publish a selection of baby photos from all around the country from the entries received in our Heins Lettle Treasures 2005 competition! Each week you will be invited to vote for your favourite babies and at the end of four weeks of voting your votes will decide which babies emerge as the top 5 babies from each of Ulster, Leinster and Connacht. We will then ask the Nation to vote again and these 20 babies will compete for the 4 provincial titles with one of these provincial winners going on to become the National winner of Heins Lettle Treasure 2005 and scoop am amazing €10,000."

Don't miss next Saturday's weekend Magazine for more Little Treasures!!

To vote for your favourite photo, call
1513 131 057 (calling frim Republic of Ireland)
0901 6567 057 (calling from Nothern Ireland)
(Lines open until 12 midnight on Thursday 29th Sept 2005)

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Home Sweet Home!

Have been busy unpacked my luggages, the weather wasn't too bad at all for the past few days. I'm glad to be home eventhough Éimhear still hasn't got used to the quietness in the house since there were some many kids in my mum's house! Hopefully she get used to it before daddy returns to work!!

Recalled the day at the KLIA airport, you're not gonna believe what happened to us! Well, we arrived at the aiport at about 4pm and our flight wasn't due to take off until 11:55pm! Luckily we got to check in there and then. There we were at one of the check in area, which was the MAS airline. The staff was busying checking our tickets and passports while mum and I were lifting the baggages on to the bell! We didn't pay any attentions to the weight scale at all. The staff, who is a Malay national was saying to me "your baggages is 7kg over! What do you want to do?" (in Mandarin, what a shock!) We kinda barging with him and asked him not to charge us since we have 130kg between the 5 of us and we have 3 kids to look after....!! I think he fecking made a quick one on us "If I let you away with it, you have to get me a 012's top up card, which is RM 100!" Mum and I were like to each other "What the hell, is he trying to bribe" I looked at the weight scale and noticed that there were only 122.35kg but they had one of the over sized baggage on the other bell, which was about 33kg. So if we add them up, it's about 155kg. Why did he said we were 7kg over weighted? Shouldn't it be 22kg over weighted? That confused me...!! After spent about 15mins on barging he did let us go without charging us but he was in a mood or wasn't happy about it. We had to drop the over sized baggage to the other side. On the way back I had a look at my tickets and boarding passes, reliazed he didn't give us any of the boarding passes from Amsterdam to Dublin. I had to go up to him "Sorry, you didn't give me ours boarding passes from Amsterdam to Dublin!" He replies "The system won't let me to it!" So I said "They normally let us check in eventhough we have to transit from other destination!" There he was again mentioning the fecking call card. At this point I have to get it otherwise we won't make it on time to the flight at Amsterdam airport! I spent 15mins looking for the bloody phone shop, got it in the book shop in the end. He fecking call me over from a distant and saying "Oh, the system let me do the check in for the transit flight!" "Here you go, 5 boarding passes from AMS - DUB!" "Can I have those boarding passes from KUL - AMS back for a sec?" He gave me a signal to ask me to put the call card in the baording passes! I felt awkward in that situation and thought why did he picked on me? I should have took his name down....!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Au Revoir M'sia!

A few more hours we gonna head off to KLIA. Our flight won't be taking off until midnight but we have decided to leave as early as possible since my dad gonna be driving home on his own.

I've been putting stuff into my luggage for the past few days, to date I still have lots to put in. I think I need a bigger luggage..!! Hope I'm not gonna get stop for over weighted!

Really can't wait to get home. My brother and sister-in law have a baby girl on Saturday! A healthy 8lb 1oz baby, Congratulation to them!!

Gonna have to get going...!! Ta ta....!!!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Éimhear 1st Pic with Na na & Ga ga!!

It's 11pm, just arrived home from Ipoh! Went to Jusco tonight with Mum and Dad for the 1st time! Peaceful night as the kids didn't come with us and I was able to get whatever I was looking for! Daddy had suggested to have dinner at Ipoh Club! I have never been there before so I was so looking forward to my lovely Lamb Chop!!

When we arrived there, it was about 8pm and suprisingly nobody there. I was afraid Éimhear gonna screams in any second. There were a live band on at 9pm. Éimhear was singing and dancing and when the band finished singing, she clapped away! She was very good through out the night! We ordered Oxtail soup and seafood cocktail for starter and followed by Lamb chop and T-bone steak! They were so delicious "finger licking"! Had a few beers and I kinda dizzy as haven't been ready drinking since I left Dublin! Shame...!

Took a picture of Éimhear with her Na na and her Ga ga for the 1st time, it came out really well!! Daddy said tonight was Éimhear's happiest night out since she arrived!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Éimhear's 1st Durian!

Woke up this morning mum already gone to the market, she came back with 5 durians. I'm lucky because the season is ended! I was so looking forward to them, they are not for me, they are actually for Éimhear! Cooked the dinner and finished tidying up, bathed Éimhear. It's time for the 1st taste....!!

As you can see in the picture, she loves it! Unlike her dad, Ted always call it "stink durian"! Éimhear had a few, and I had the rest! Last time I had durian I think it was 4yrs ago...!! God, they were so delicious. I have kept a fews in the fridge, might have it tonight!

Had to change Éimhear's clothes as I let her held those durian herself! She enjoyed it very much!