Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Baby's 1st scan!

Just came back from the cinema, went to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire then picked up Éimhear from Mei, she was still up when we arrived which was 10:30pm.

Teddy took a half day today as he came with me to the hospital for an early pregnancy scan due to me collapsing on Saturday with a severe stomach pain. The nurse sent me in for another scan today just to make sure everything is alright and I'm not having an Ectopic pregnancy. Thank God! Can't believe we saw the baby's heartbeat thru the scan at 2 months and yet he/she is only 1.4cm (normally, you only get the 1st scan at about 4 months)! Everything is as what we planned, we are thrilled!! It's still an early stage though (Fingers crossed)!

Ever since Éimhear took her few steps, you hardly get her to sit in the pram now. Like today, I had to take her out and let her walk around in the shop. Of course, I kept an eye on her. She was so cute and funny, everytime she saw a baby, she would
run up to him/her to give the baby a kiss and a hug. I didn't really know how I should react, should I stop her before she runs or encourage her to give the baby a kiss or a hug!

Monday, November 21, 2005

A glimpse at the planets!

Ever since Éimhear got the MMR injection, she has not been herself at all. She lost her appetite and she was so clingy, wanted you to lift her up and down the whole time!! Thank god she is better now...!!

Finally got all the presents that we need to give away for Christmas, spent the whole day wrapping them up yesterday. I still haven't got Ted's presents as I don't really know what to get him...!! As for myself, I have everything I need. To make things easier we would give hints to each other so that we won't have to wrack our head to figure out what we both want!

Ted set up his giant telescope last night in the garden for a glimpse of Mars, Venus and the Moon. Éimhear sat on the bench and taking everything in and pointed at the sky and shouted "Moon..moon..Star...star!" We let her have a glimpse thru the telescope, did she see the planet Mars? that is another story!!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Metting with an old friend...!!

Met an old friend, my god brother today. He came up from Thurles, I met him in the city. We went for a quick coffee as he had to go to a Chinese function and I had to go home to take care my hubby and daughter. We hadn't seen each other for over ten years, (we had seen photographs of each other though over the year so we knew what we looked like) so there were so many things to talk about and so little time. Sure there will be some other time to catch up!

"Thanks for the Mocha, bro!"

Teddy's hospital visit!

Early start this morning, getting Ted and Éimhear ready so we can beat the traffic. Forgot school holiday, so got there an hour earlier!I wasn't waiting too long and Teddy was called it to do his test. But when he went through, it would be another 2 hours for the test to be done.The test was Endoscopy(Camera Test).

Was called to pick him up but when I arrived I was send in the the recovery room but Teddy was knocked out again, the nurse said that when he woke up initialy, he was vomitting everywhere so they has to give him another injection. Just as well Éimhear was as sleep in the pram too! It would be another hour before he would finally come through, and when he came through he still felling sick and groggy all the way home! Drove home still doozy (i.e. Drunk) with his face in a blue plastic bag and it cost me 15 cent gov tax. And all Ted kept saying is "I'm sorry....!" I was like "Will you bloody shut up, feck sake, I'm try to drive" At the back Éimhear kept saying "Dad..dy, Dad....dy......"!!

Now finally he's a bit better and try to sleep it off.