Monday, June 30, 2008

Two pretty girls...!!

Another lazy afternoon, mum was doing the garden and Éimhear was messing around with the straw hat....!! It was quite nice on her..!! Today, Clíona fell from the tricycle and her shoulder and back was badly cut, just as well it wasn't too deep!! Poor her...!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cameron Highland

Due to Clíona clinginess so have to cancel the trip to Chiang Mai, we went to Cameron Highland instead. And visit our dear cousin and her family!! We had a great time up there even though there were lots of flies and the road are abit twister for the kids. Other than that, they all enjoyed it!!

The 1st day we were there we only went to my cousin's farm,she has lots of roses and lillies. Took lots of pictures too.

The next day after breakfast, our 1st stop we went to the rose garden.Then the "Boh" tea center, took some pictures and bought some tea for my in laws! Afterward, we went up the hill to pick some strawberries,something that the kids were so looking forward to, should I say "cut" strawberry instead, since the kids were holding the scissor to cut, haha!! On the way back, we stop on one of the hill and asked the worker for a lend of the basket and scissor to cut the tea leaves, they were very kind and tell us that we can cut them dont have to pretend at all. In the end we gave them RM2...!!

Back in 10 years ago, before the new highway, we used to stop at the waterfall. So, we asked our dear brother(really appreciate that he was with us, otherwise, we wouldnt able to go up the hill and we wont be able to figure out how to use the 4 wheel drive)to bring us there....!!I think we spent more than 1 hour try to get there.....!!The place are really quite and nothing much there!!

The 3rd day, we went to our cousin to drop the house key off and say good bye. On the way back we went to the Chinese temple called "San Bao Dong" let the kidz feed the turtles.Back in the old day we feedd them with vegetableds but these day is breadcrums...!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Taiping Zoo!!

Lazy Sunday, have nothing plan and brother suggested to go to Taiping Zoo with the kidz..!! Taiping Zoo, been there a few time but it's the 1st time for my 3 kids to visit. But we didnt really stay long, probably only 2 hours the most in there as the weather wasnt too good,the rain just pouring down out of no where.

Then we went to Sepatang for dinner...!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Durian Farm!!

Went to Daddy's durian farm yesterday!
Well, the minute we got there I can see lots of mosquito coming over to me, Éimhear and Cheyeu. Aiii..., so itchy!! Those mosqiuto repellent don't work on us at all!! But it was a great trip for the kids to know how the durian grow and how the mangosteen grow too. Caoimhe loves durian, she sctually loves everything!!

Before we go to the farm, Mummy brought home a surprise for Éimhear!!
Well, it's her new and 1st bicycle. Can't believe she is so good at it as she can pedal very well and go very far too!!Explained to her about leaving the bike behind and she kinda understand.

Father's Day Pictures!

Father's Day Dinner @ Unique Restaurant Sunway City!

Home Sweet Home!

Hello there....,been home for 1 week now.Haven't got the chance to go near the computer and do some update at all as the Girls they kinda make strange to my dad and brothers!!

Well, the whole trip coming home was really rush,rush,rush...! And what really drove me mad was when we checked in at Dublin airport, the girl gave me different seat which was really ridiculous as she put us down as I'm sitting with Caoimhe, then Éimhear and Clíona sit beside some stranger on their own!!! Requested her to change the seat, but her excuse was I can't get the seat from my system,you can change it at London!!(Teresa(Ted's sister), we wont go on holiday unless you are there to check us in!!) So the minute we arrived at London, we went straight to the Cathay's counter. The girls there was really helpful and she did her best to arrange the seat for the 8 of us. The whole flight from London to Hk took about 10hrs 30mins. Myself and my sister was taking turn to look after the kids. Éimhear and Clíona both got sick...when we arrived at Hk airport, we were the last to get out as we had to change their clothes and try to clean them up abit. Thus, I left my Canon Ixus 60 Camera behind!!!!! Aiihhh, the pictures that I took for the girl are gone...can't show Ted!!

Kuala Klang's Water fall...!!

My Birthday's Celebration.

Stay tune for more pictures....!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Count down....