Sunday, April 23, 2006

Where is the rest of my Easter Egg?

Silly daddy eh, leave half his easter egg on top of the press in the kitchen then goes upstair to do something. All the time we notice that Éimhear is very quiet downstair, we think may be she's just watching tv.Then we realized that she is quiet for too long so Ted sneaks down to see what is she up to. He peeks thru the sitting room door and sees that she is eating something but can't quite make it out. He goes to the kitchen, meanwhile Éimhear hears him and goes to meet him. To Teddy shock, he sees Éimhear's face covered with the same easter egg that he left on the press which he thought Éimhear couldn't reach, turning to the press all that was left was the silver wrapping from the egg. She had eaten the lot! (Like father like daughter)

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Teddy's boss retirement party!

It would be the 1st night in ages that me and Teddy get to go out with ourselves.It was a great night apart from it being Noel's (Ted's boss) night. Teddy got recognise for being with the company 10 years, Noel and Teddy got abit emotional since the 2 occasions landed on the same time, and that Noel had given Teddy the job initially. (Teddy was later to have said that he got emotional because he had a little too much to drink!) Yeah, right!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Joy!

Was in my in-laws today for dinner. Before heading down, Ted gave us our Easter Egg. Éimhear was so excited when she saw daddy walking in with a big Winnie the Pooh's easter egg in his hand and there she was telling daddy to put it on the sofa so that she can sit beside it! She went for the sweet and the chocalate striaght away after Ted opened it!! Poor Pooh didn't even get a look in at all! Haahaa..!

I got a big Easter egg from Ted too. I'm sorry to say that I'm not actually a choc person, I wonder how long will I take to finish it, 3 months, 6 months or a year?!! I think I might save it up for lent next year.., unless Ted is helping me with it!

Happy Easter!

Wishing you a

HApPY SpriNG and A

JoYous EaSTer!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Family Swimming Session!

Since the kids are on mid-term break, we decided to go for the family swimming session tonight as it'll be a quieter than the public session! We arrived there at 6:45pm which it'd already started. I quickly undressed Éimhear and myself. The kids and Mei were already in the pool. Poor Éimhear was shaking as it was quite cold for her, she was so nervous as it's been almost a year since she was in the pool...!! Just as well Ted was there to look after her and I had the whole 40 mins by myself...!! We all enjoyed it and we will go there again more often! We'll put a picture of Éimhear in her swimmers that she got from her Auntie Norma from Australia, she looks so cute in it!