Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Trip to the Pasar Malam!

Went to the dentist the other day, thought of getting my teeth filling while I'm here since it's much more cheaper compares to the price in Dublin, which is 80 Euro/filling !I was shock as I don't need any filling in the end!! Well, tell you the truth, they don't have the updated x-ray facility, they won't be able to tell even if I need a filling unless I tell them which tooth is killing me or sensitive!!

Was in the Pasar Malam (Night Market) tonight with Éimhear, my nieces and my nephew! They were having something to eat at the kinda Steamboat stall, while I was waiting I cooked a stick of 4 fishballs for Éimhear. She had a piece of steam bread afterward! Animal, she is!!
I was so looking forward for tonight as I would like to get the Mee Goreng. Unfortunately, the stall is not there anymore!! :-(

Have to get up early in the morning. I'm going to cook my mum the Hai Nan Chicken Rice. I haven't been really cooking for my parents since I was here. What a daughter I'm!!

Just received a msg from my darling hubby, he rang my dentist for me to ask them for my file. Thank god, they are alright with faxing over the file. I can get my teeth done here!! Save me money...!!

Thanks a million to my loving hubby!! I Love You!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Baby Nephew!!

Lots of nurses were around Éimhear when we went into the hospital !!They were all asking the same question "Is she from Cameron Highland?" Apparently, peoples from Cameron Highland have lovely skin!! Michelle is in room 5. Heard that she didn't get any pain relief at all! She wanted the injection herself but the doctor said it's too late as she's fully dilated. It's scary...!! My baby nephew weight 7lb 5oz and he has fairly dark skin!! Cute little one!

We left the hospital at 6:30pm. On the way to the car park, there was a car passing by and they stopped in front of us. The indian lady was saying "God, she is so cute", "One only?"!! I knotted my head. Well, I think people might be thinking since Éimhear is so cute, her brothers or sisters gonna be the same!! Have to wait and see!!

Went to the Acrobatic Stunts Performance last night with Éimhear, my nieces and nephews!! The show was great and Éimhear enjoyed it very much as she was clapping her hand and dancing in her pram!!

Hectic morning!!

Was talking to my dearest husband till 4am this morning. Got up at 7am, I'm knacker as I had only 3 hrs sleep!! :-(

Went to dim sum with my parents and my nephew Kah Jun. We have to look after him for a few days as his mother went in to labour this morning! Gonna pay a visit to the hospital later!!

Kah Jun was screaming his head off to go for a nap! I think Michelle normally go to bed with him so he needs his mum by his side!! We spent half an hour to convince him that when he wakes up later, he will see his parents!!He cried himself to sleep...!! Poor thing! Thank god, Éimhear goes to bed herself 'cause we trained her when she was only 4 months old, never wanted us to stay by her side at all!

It's gonna be a busy week ahead, I think I should go for a nap the same time Éimhear goes!! Power nap is good!!

Monday, August 22, 2005

Arrived Home!!

I'm so proud of myself that I did it all on my own!! From Dublin airport to Amsterdam then transited to Malaysia! I'm glad that I'm home but the leaving was sad. I was crying every time I think of Ted and I wanted him to come with us so badly, but well, there will be a next time!! The air hostess was very helpful and every time there was the bump sure she came to me first and fasten Éimhear seat bell for me!! But she forgot about my baby bassinet and Éimhear ended up slept on my shoulder for as long as 2 hours!! Poor me....!! It was a tiring but enjoyable flight, I should say!!

The minute I got in the car, we drove all the way to Kampar as there was a function held at 6pm. My mum couldn't believe how much I fed Éimhear, basically she ate everything that night, especially the shark fin soup... Ummmm....Yummy!! We never got home till 12am!! Thank god Éimhear slept through the night and I had a good night sleep too!!

Went to the market this morning with mum and my niece and nephew!! Guess what Éimhear was pointing at in the market? She pointed at those chicken that are locked in the cage. I took some video to show her lovely daddy. The funniest thing was wherever I go, sure there will be someone saying "God, look at that baby, she is so cute!" or "God, her eyes are so big!" or "She looks like a western baby!". I like those compliments....Hahaa!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Ticket Arrived!

Woke up this morning and was wondering when will my ticket be arrived since time is ticking and today is already Wednesday!! The postman was at the door when I was about to give the travel agent a call!! I flew downstair and there it was an evelope written TravelPath on the floor waiting for me...!! Ticket for me and a ticket for Éimhear!! Thank God, what a relief!!

Monday, August 15, 2005

M'sia, here I come!!

Finally bought the ticket to M'sia, leaving Dublin on Saturday! I'm looking forward to the trip but on the other hand, I'm kinda sad leaving Ted behind...!! I know we gonna miss him big time and vice versa!
Have to start to pack my luggage soon, have to write things down as I would probably forgot them. Hmmm, am I gonna manage it by myself? I think it should be alright 'cos I presume Éimhear gonna sleep through the whole flight as the plan take off at 9pm! Can't be worrying too much...!! Or else will have grey hair over night!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Lazy Saturday!

Was talking to my parents yesterday in msn. Knowing that the Haze moved to north and my niece and nephews are all sick because of it!! Air pollutant index is about 94 in the area, which is moderate...!!Hope it clears up soon!!(Fingers crossed)
Well, I better check on the flight ASAP as I haven't decided when I should leave to go home to M'sia with Éimhear, either in the end of August or October!! It's all depends on the availability of the flight since my mum and my nieces are coming home with me in September if I did go in the next few weeks!!
Went to town this morning with Ted and Éimhear. Came home and just not in the mood in doing anything else. Rent a movie, bought a case of WKD and stay in for the night...!!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice cream!

I was bored in the house, so brought Éimhear and my sis in law Amanda to the shopping centre just up the road!!
After we finished the shopping, we stopped at the ice cream stall and ordered a 99 cone for Amanda, an empty cone for Éimhear and mint choc chip ice cream for myself!!I didn't know how I managed to have the ice cream as I had 2 bag of nappies in my left hand and my right hand was on the pram!! 'Hmm, it's delicious.' I said. You will never guess, by the time I was about to take another bite, the fecking ice cream fell and landed on Éimhear head!!Typical, why landed on her head, not the bloody floor instead? It was hilarious though, Éimhear turned around and looked at me as if she was saying 'What the hell...'! Her expression was so funny...!! I had to bring her to the toilet and got her cleaned!! I should have took a picture of her, I hadn't got the camera with me though!! I am still laughing at the incident!!
How the hell did it happen...!!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Had Great fun!!

I can't believed how well the party went today!! I was stressed out in the morning as I only started the cooking at 10am! Went to collect the cake at 12pm due to the fact that the shops are open late on bank holiday!! (I should have got up earlier!)
Time was ticking and it was getting late as Éimhear was born on 1:55pm last year!!So had to wake Éimhear up from her nap, bathed her and dressed her up in the fairy dress!! She was so cute in it!! Thank god, we made it on time!! Took some pictures and video!!
Party started at 3pm!! We had a game of Water Balloons in the garden, poor Éimhear waw soaking as Liam(Ted's uncle) tried to throw the balloon upstairs and missed the target, landed on her instead!!She got a fright, poor thing!! The bouncy castle was great too!!
The party over at 9pm and Éimhear never went to bed till 11pm!! She must have enjoyed herself!!

Monday, August 01, 2005

Happy Birthday to my loving daughter Éimhear YiWen!!

Just finished wrapping Éimhear presents and put up all the decorations!! Took some pictures and can't wait to see Éimhear's reaction in the morning! I know you guys are going to say "She is only 1 and how she gonna knows what is going on!!" But the way we look at it is when years to come when she looks back she can see what we did for her and celebrate her 1st birthday with her!!We bought Éimhear her 1st car today, instead of putting the stickers that came with the car we put Winnie the Pooh stickers (Pimp my ride)!! It looks more girlier now...!! We are thrilled with the result!!I finally made the rice krispies cakes, there are about 106 of them laying on the table at the moment, I did some in my way, which I used butter, dark choc and golden syrup.....!! And half of them just mixed with carlbury milk choc...!! Which is better? Will know tomorrow as the kids can be so cruel sometimes that they will tell you the truth!! Well, I better go to bed and still have lots to do in the morning!!Nite nite!!