Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

Got the last bit and pieces done in the house last night and took a picture of it. Éimhear is not one bit scares of the Spider and Skeleton, she sat on the floor and clapping her hands all night to get the Spider moving, haa!

Gonna go down to my in-law's tonight with my nieces and nephew and of course with Éimhear as well. They are going to dress up as Cinderella, Belle, Withches and Dartvader. Will take some pictures since this is the 1st time my nieces Rachel and Angel celebrate their 1st Halloween!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Bye Mum and See You Next Year!!

Dropped mummy off to the airport this evening. It was quite hard to leave mummy there on her own, we gave mummy a hug and kiss to say good bye it's hard to hold back the tears at the same time!! I think she is now on the flight to K.L. now and she probably fast asleep and start to snore, ha...!!

At least we gonna see mummy and daddy in about 3 months time and we already booked our ticket to Rome and Paris with them. It's gonna be their 1st Europe tour apart from Ireland! Really can't wait!

Saturday, October 22, 2005


I was so looking forward to get the newspaper today! The minute I looked at the paper, my face just dropped as Éimhear is not in the runner up of "Heinz Little Treasures 2005". I spent ages to try to get out of the mood, thanks Ted who cheered me up and telling me that Éimhear is actually one of the 40 cutest babies in Leinster! He is right, I shouldn't be upset over it.

Went to phoenix Park today with Ted, Éimhear, mummy, Amanda and Jane today. I always complaint about how cold and miserable the Autumn weather could be but surprisingly today was very mild and I actually enjoyed the whole evening.

Éimhear was walking on the grass for the 1st time, she was very nervous though! We brought some breads with us to feed the ducks, but Éimhear ended up finished them instead, so funny! She is at the stage of copying everything off you, like crossed your arm, thumbs up or tried to sing "Twinkle, twinkle little star...".

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Éimhear First Few Steps!

We have been anxiously waiting for Éimhear to take her very first step!She did it eventually! She loves to be able to walk around with her cousins and run around with them...!! I was so excited eventhough she only did like 5 steps at a time...!! Need to encourage her more to move a few more steps when she is ready to have another go the next time!

Typical the one time he goes out he missed her first few steps but at least he's seen her first step the night before! Luckily I have this precious moment recorded for him!