Thursday, February 23, 2006

Sad Goodbye!

Picked up mum and dad from my brother at 12pm and headed to the airport. The weather suited how I felt, raining and miserable! Had a bit of a chat in the car on the way out then met up with the rest of the family in the airport.

Made sure they had everything organized eg, passports, tickets, bags not over weight. Luckily Teresa, Teddy's sister had organized everything for them, all we had to do is put the bags thru. No hassles at all. Things start to get abit more emotional when we started taken some good bye photos like Eimhear kissing them all good bye. I was trying to hold the tears back but we couldn't, daddy pretended he needed to go straight thru in a hurry but you know why, he couldn't face all of us crying. Especially mummy and Amanda, Heng, Hoe, really tried to fight it. But you could tell they were upset, poor Jane didn't really know what was going on (hope she doesn't forget us)! Waited for them to go out of sight with a last wave good bye, we headed back home...!!

Got back to the house, house empty now, which made it a little more sadder knowning they were gone even though is nice to have our house back to ourselves. Teddy decided to bring me to the cinema to take my mind off for a while. It worked a bit but still down and I guess I'll be like that for a few days! I miss them...!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

News updated...!!

26th Jan '06
Parents finally arrived home, dad and bro Hoe 1st time here in Ireland. They find it cold. Brought them in for dim sum. Also is the 1st time for my dad to see all the grand childrens. Everything went well.

27th Jan '06
Brought parents to Howth with Éimhear. She was crying all the way out as she wasn't use to mum and dad. Had to put the car seat to the front passenger seat to keep her quiet. Bought some lobsters, scampies, oysters and some shell fishes. Brought parents, sister and brother out for dinner to celebrate our wedding anniversary.

28th Jan '06
Had lunch in my sister's. Brother in-laws cooked us lovely lobsters and other delicious dishes. Parents gave us our Ang Pow (lucky money), which was in Euro instead of M'sian Ringgit!Teddy cooked dinner for 10 kids and 10 adults and survived. Spaghetti for the kids and as for us we had lovely prawn salad for starter and followed by lovely "Unbelievable roast pork with stuffed apples and carrots" then lovely sticky toffee pudding with dream topping for dessert. It turned out really well and everyone enjoyed it. For the rest of the night we played MahJong with plenty of drinks!

29th Jan '06
Had steam boat for CNY in Mei. Again we had few games of MahJong.

1st Feb '06
Trip to Rome...! Early start, still dark out. Teddy's sister Teresa who works for Aer Lingus brought us out to the airport, cheked in all our bags and brought us all the way down to the plane to make sure everything went okay for us. Flight over was nice, everybody was fine and flew over the alps (the highest moutain range in Europe)

Arrive in Rome, sun splitting the trees like summer, blue sky. Checked in to the hotel, had a shower and off to see the sights.

1st stop was the trevi fountain. Our wish came thru, return to rome with Éimhear, sister, brother and parents! We went to Monument of the Victor and then we went to the spanish steps with all the brand name shops there and Daddy bought his Rolex watch there.

The next morning (02/02), walked to the Forum, which is the ancient ruins of Rome. Where we walked on the actual street that were made thousand years ago and drank the water that the ancient Romans drank from a thousand years ago too. On to the Coleseum, parents and sister took the tour as we did that before.

3rd Feb '06
Went to Vatican by train as daddy was too tire to walk and gave us opportunity to use the back pack for Éimhear. Didn't get the Holy waters from vatican as they were closed from 1pm to 4pm. We didn't plan to stay for the whole day so we left without it, but we snuck back in and took some hole water from the actual fountain (Mind you, it's probably alright to do that in the 1st place)..!! Went to Spanish step again as mummy was looking for a wallet for daddy. As for myself, Ted got me a Gucci bag as Valentine's present. So nice of him...!! As it was our last night in rome, we treat ourselves to a restaurant called Grill and Wine for dinner. The foods were lovely and everyone enjoyed it, especially Éimhear, she was singing and danced with the singer in the restaurant.

4th Feb '06
Head to the airport at 9:30am. I was nearly getting sick in the car as the driver was driving like 100km/hr. Checked in our bags and headed to the gate! Arrived at Dublin airport at 2:30pm and had another flight to catch at 5pm...!!While waiting for the next flight, daddy treated us to the premier lounge, we stocked up as much food as we could eat....!

To BE Continued...!