Thursday, December 15, 2005

Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake!

Can believe that we actually went to see the Russian State Ballet performing Swan Lake, I always wanted to see a Ballet. It was more than I expected, very moving and romantic. I never realised before how much skills and talents is involved in Ballet. You would think that they have strings attached to them or springs on their feet 'cos they jumped and moved so greatfully, as if they weight nothing. Very impressed. Teddy has really changed his opinions on ballet dancers.

We had great seat, second rows from the front. It was a full house. Something we won't forget!

Here are some pictures:

Russian State Ballet - Swan Lake

"The Russian State Ballet, one of Europe's great Ballet Companies returns to Ireland this Christmas when they will perform two of the world's most popular ballets, Swan Lake and The Nutcracker at the Point Theatre, Dublin from the 15 to 18 December 2005.

The Russian State Ballet, together with the RTE National Symphony Orchestra will perform Swan Lake on 15 and 16 December. Previous performances by the Russian State Ballet of Swan lake have been described as `The stuff that dream are made of' and as `marvellous and magical production' - The Sunday Tribune. The company will then perform one of the worlds favourite Ballet's, The Nutcracker at the Point Theatre, Dublin on 17 and 18 December 2005. Previous performances of The Nutcracker have heralded praise such as 'The Nutcracker strikes a magical chord' - The Irish Independent and `The definitive Nutcracker' - The Irish Times, making these shows the perfect Christmas outing for family, friends, or business colleagues. "

Extracted from :

Teddy is bringing me to see the Russian State Ballet - Swan Lake tonight at the Point Theatre. Since Suki and Vivian are taking ballet lessons so Mei is bringing them as well. We gonna have to drop Éimhear to her nana tonight so I better get things ready now...!!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Time to put up my feet and relax...!!

Reindeer "Thank God", everything is done and the house is spotless clean and we finally put up the icecicle light on the gutter last night. Teddy and I was argueing over something stupid last night and we couldn't possibly remembered whether this is the 3rd or the 4th Christmas in the house!! Teddy was right, this is our 4th christmas together and is the 2nd Christmas for Éimhear!!

Éimhear has been very good since we have the Christmas tree up and she loves the lights in the house. There are 3 reindeers in the garden and she keeps pointing at them and says"liang liang (nice nice),靓靓!" (she speaks Cantonese as well as English!)

When I was cleaning the house today, she was following me around and I had to bath her after I cleaned the 2 toilets and the bathroom as her sleeves were ringing wet since she put her hands over the shower head when I rinse the bath. It was very funny..!!

Here are some pictures of the house!!


Tuesday, December 06, 2005


We're finally finished and just getting back now. Yes, it did take us longer than expected. We're knackered now but it was worth it as they turned out really well and the kids loved it!

Christmas Decorations!

Went to the wholesalers last night with Ted and Mei..!! Bought some outdoor decorations. Ted gonna put those outdoor decorations up tonight when he comes home from work! I hope!

Busy day ahead for me today as gonna go to Mei's and help her put all her decorations up. My nephew and nieces are so excited as they promise to help us too...!! Hope it doesn't take us too long................!!