Saturday, July 30, 2005

Bloody weather!!

It's been raining none stop for the last few days and the weather seems to stay like this for the rest of the day!! Errrr....!!Summer is over? What will the weather be like on Monday?!!! I have to say a prayer!!
I didn't really want to get up this morning at all, I haven't recovered from the bloody cold....!! Blame the weather...!!! Gonna have to get the last bits and pieces for the party today and decorate the house tomorrow!! I can't wait to get on the bouncy castle tomorrow as it will be here 1st thing in the morning!!
Just received a phone call from Mei. She told me that my bro's son in M'sia needs an operation in his lung, god, poor him, he is only 18months!! Hey guys, let say a prayer for him....!! Thanks!!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Part Time Worker!!

Have to get up early since I'm going in to Ted's office to give him a hand with the jewellery stands that suppose to be sent out this weekend to the shops!! Not loads but 30 stands. Ted's boss expected me to finish 3 stands a day, I was like 'Yup, if I only have to do the de-bagged then hang them up. Not to de-bagged, PRICE THEM then hang them up...!!'. I will be lucky to get 2 stands done a day!! The boss asked me this favor as he thinks Chinese workers are better and quicker than Irish workers.
I have ordered the cake for Éimhear birthday, I wanted to order the Winnie the Pooh as we try to have a Winnie the Pooh theme, unfortunately, they haven't got any novelty kits in the Pooh. Had to order Snow white and seven Dwarfs instead!!I better go as I'm running late....!! Tata!!

Monday, July 25, 2005

Count Down....!!

Not feeling too good today when I got up!! I'm feeling weak, I think I have caught the flu yesterday!!Another 6 days to Éimhear 1st birthday!! The bouncy castle is booked and it's €100 per day. Bought Éimhear's party dress today, she gonna be a fairy and can't wait to see her in it!! Still have lots to get but time is ticking....!! I haven't ordered her birthday cake yet, have to do that 1st thing in the morning or else it gonna be too late if I want a special one....!! Ehmm, haven't figured out how to make the rice crispy cake yet!
My wonderful Ted brought Éimhear for a walk as I can have a break and go to bed early! Well, I better go now before his return!!

Friday, July 22, 2005

Night Mare!!

Mei came over to my house with my nieces tonight along with Ted present!! He was over the moon as Mei got him the samurai's sword set!! We were all chit-chatting about her holiday in Paris and how did it go and so on....!! Mei was asking me about Nicole incident, so she decided to give Nicole parents a ring!!
I was there when Mei was on the phone! I was so pissed off as the father put the blame on us by saying that Mei didn't tell him that she was away to Paris for a week, if he knew that he would have took the week off to mind Nicole !! Now he is back at work and he is sending Nicole to his relative instead?? It's understandable if the parents take Nicole home and look after her themselves, but why did they send her to someone else again? By doing that, they are kinda telling people that it was us who got Nicole into that state!! I'm so upset as I never expected my best friend said that behind my back! I was thinking, if we didn't care, we could have just hide it from them, send Nicole home to them the next day without letting them know what happened to her! But, that's not me.......!!

Welcome Home!!

Picked up my sister and bro-in-law at the airport!! When I first arrived at the airport this morning, I spent 15 mins looking for the space! When I found a space, I had to squeeze myself out from the car, then had to jump into the back seat to get Éimhear out, who was sitting in the front passenger seat!! Akward or what?!! How stupid is it, the fecking space didn't even fit a car!!
Guess what my dearest sister got me....!! An LV bag, unfortunately I didn't like the style. She was thrilled as she get to keep it!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Harry Potter!!

Went to late night shopping on Friday night at 11pm as the book ~ Harry Potter launched after 12am....!! Can you believe that we actually queued for the book instead of a concert or a pub or a disco? I was laughing myself as this was the 1st time ever I did that....!! I'm glad that we got the book though!!
Went to my sister's to keep an eye on her kids and the baby Nicole who she looks after as Sis and bro-in-law are having a romantic holiday in Paris!! I got a terrible fright as I found a lump on her tummy while changing her nappy!!God, she is only 8 months old !! I confirmed the lump with my sister-in-law and Ted. Ted got in touch with his mum, his mum said we better off bringing her to the hospital!! So I rang Nicole's mum, I told her what happened and asked her to take the night off, guess what her reply was:"It's very busy at the moment(restaurant), I'm afraid I can't get the night off!!", I was like:"What the hell, she is your F**king daughter!! Is money more important than her health??". Long story short, we picked the mother up and ran into the hospital!! We waited for nearly 4 hours and doctor said it is Hernia!! She's booked in for the operation next week!! Because of Nicole's incident, her father resigned, stay at home minding her instead of her mother!! Ted hates the idea of hiring a nanny to look after your own baby 24/7, he still think it's cruel not to mind your own baby!! Hope everything gonna be alright for Nicole!!

Thursday, July 14, 2005


Had a BBQ last night with my bro, sis-in-law, sis, 2 nieces, Ted and Éimhear!! It was great fun and really enjoyed the family gathering!! We were all pissed at the end of the night and thank god Éimhear was in bed!! Éimhear loved the foods and she even had a drumstick!! It was very messy though as she wanted to feed herself...!! I suppose it's a learning stage for her...!!
Ted was busy ringing his family to invite them for the trip to Albufeira again!! Most of them said "Yes"!! Guess what, even my sis decides to come along with us with her 3 kids!! It's gonna be a great fun....Hurray!!
Éimhear 1st birthday is getting closer and closer and yet we haven't got anything ready for her!! But one thing for sure that we are going to hire a bouncy castle for the day, have to shop around for Winnie the Pooh's castle though!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Spent a week in Albufeira with my family and in-laws!! Éimhear enjoyed her 1st holiday away, she was in the pool every single day and wouldn't let me take her out at all!! The minute I had the towel around my shoulder, she would automatically scream; as if she saw a "monster"!! Poor me...!!

We went to bull-fight one night and it wasn't what we were expected and what we saw on the TV!! I can't believe that children are allowed to see it too!! It was a long hours show and we were thrilled that the bull won at the end as "nature fight back" even though few peoples were injured. Thank god the bull wasn't killed after the show!!

We are so very depressed after returning home....!! May be it's because it was such a great holiday and it was the 1st time that Ted's whole family came along!

Can you believe we're already planning for our next holiday away in August to Albufeira again?!!